Back to church Sunday

Sunday 19th September at Holy Trinity Theale is back to church Sunday.

We want all our visitors to feel very welcome.

Here are a few questions people ask when they are thinking about coming along to Holy Trinity Theale:





Q) What do I wear?

A) Wear what you feel comfortable in; we are very informal. If your child wants to wear a favourite superhero costume, that’s fine!


Q) Do I need to be a good person or believe the Bible to come along?

A) No. We all have questions, doubts, and troubles. We come to church to learn more about the God of the Bible who changes lives. So please, come as you are.


Q) What is there for children?

A) The church is for children as much as it is for grownups! We have an area at the back of church for children who need to crawl around a bit and play. We have a creche and Sunday Clubs for primary school aged children. In time, we want to start a group for teenagers - but they should be able to enjoy the main service too.


Q) What do you actually do in a church service?

A) We sing, have slots for the children, pray, read the Bible and hear it explained in the sermon. We have time before and after to chat with our friends and get to know one another. (We also have opportunities in the week to deepen our friendships). 


Q) Will I be asked to do anything? 

A) No. Words for the service will be projected on a screen at the front so you can participate as much or as little as you wish.


Q) Will I be asked for money?

A) No. Whilst donations to Holy Trinity Theale are welcome, regular giving in church is for committed Christians. There is no collection passed round, so you won't feel awkward!


Q) Who do I ask if I need help with anything, or if I want to talk to someone?

A) We have a stewarding team who are there to help show you what you need and answer any questions. If you need someone to pray with you or want to speak to the Rector, Martin, just make yourself known.